No added sugar

80mg of caffeine per can

6 electrolytes

Zero calories

Instantly hydrating

Redefine your limits with our Peach Pre-Workout

Introducing BIG DAY Pre-Workout. As a performance brand, it was only natural for us to formulate the most optimal blend of beta-alanine, B vitamins, caffeine and key pre-workout ingredients to deliver the energy you need to train at your best, for longer. We recommend combining with our Electrolyte Energy or Electrolyte Mix to rehydrate and optimise recovery post workout.

Available now in our refreshing Peach flavour. Maximise your workout before you even step into the gym.

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Our ethos

Live life in balance
& perform better

Hydration is key to optimising your health. But water is only one element. To perform at your best, both mentally and physically, it's essential that you add the right minerals and electrolytes back into your body.

Big Day is designed to keep you energised, replenished and revitalised any hour of the day.

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Electrolyte Energy

Available in packs of 12 cans

Electrolyte Mix

Available in packs of 30 sachets